Where the legacy began…

Location: Benton Harbor, MI
Location: Benton Harbor, MI

This is where it all began.  My grandfather built this house for his growing family over sixty years ago.  He was no stranger to hard work, and instilled those same values in my dad.  This is the only house I know my grandparents to live in, and at least three generations came through this house.

I can recall all of the priceless memories here.  My grandfather taught me how to balance a checkbook, the importance of voting in an election, and most importantly Christ.  My grandparents attended church every Sunday, and on time!

My father grew up in this house.  Growing up we referred to it as “Granny’s house” but after my grandparents passed away I noticed that my father would simply call it “Main Street.”  My dad departed the house after being drafted in the military, and returned after raising a family.  I would say that was shortly before my grandfather passed away.  It became his project after he retired.  He worked on remodeling the house, started from the upstairs and worked his way downstairs.

My dad would always say that you should never be bored, because there’s always something to be done.

My father resided in this home until it became too much for him when he became ill.

As time goes on, and loved ones pass away I would say that it’s great to reflect on precious memories such as the ones I’m recalling today.

I ride by the house every time I visit my hometown.  I am reminded of my grandparents and my dad.  A symbol of triumph, legacy, and love.

This place will always be home.  A piece of my heart will always belong to Main Street.

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  1. millie
    April 5, 2016

    Love this post!

  2. Edward Anderson
    April 5, 2016

    Mr. Anderson
    Yes I have a history to share, me and your aunt Betty did 10 year at Bard School. I remember the family well. There are other sisters and brothers of Ronald who I knew along with the house on Main and the other house on Waukonda. Your Grandfather was the (Justice Of The Peace) and Notary Public equivalent to a Supreme Court Justice, in the neighborhood. He handled all kind of people black and white, the office was on the front porch, quite a trailblazer. Your Grandfather also retired from the same spot your dad and I retired from Bendix, Allied Signal, and Bosch.
    I missed Ronald then and now. Your father and I did a lot of good projects together, between us we could take on anything, and do it wright. I am learning photo-voltaic, solar panel installation, just another project he would have enjoyed getting involved with.
    Our motto (Think Try Triumph).
    Solar joke
    When there is a huge solar energy spill, it’s just called “a nice day”
    Edward aka (Hor-Aha)

  3. Carla
    June 2, 2016

    Honor to have meet and know your family.

    • Final 48 Project
      June 8, 2016

      I was thinking about your mother when I was on the highway the other day. She was a caretaker for my granddad after my granny passed. Your family will always have a special place in our hearts! Xoxo, Ronnika (R.J.)

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