The Misplaced Quilt…

Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Location: Grand Rapids, MI

I was cleaning out an old storage space, and reorganizing not only my life but my house as well.  When clearing out the storage space I came across this laundry basket of old clothes and shoes.  Now, some of these items I know I haven’t seen since 2008.  I clearly had no use for them. I began going through the basket, washing the items, and preparing them for donation.

I’ll be honest I never packed this basket.  This basket went in the storage space after everyone vacated my grandparents house some years ago.  I recognized the items that were found on the surface, but as I kept digging through the basket I realized all of the items were not my own.  There was a bed sheet that separated my stuff and other items in the basket.  Not knowing what was underneath, I decided it was best to be very gentle when removing the sheet.  I peeked underneath, and then…

I screamed!


I had been looking for almost two decades.  It was an original quilt made by my Granny.  It was misplaced shortly after my grandmother died, and there it was at the bottom of the laundry basket.

First thing the next morning I washed the quilt (a couple of times), folded it and put it in the corner for safe keeping.  About a week ago, I decided I wanted to wrap myself in that quilt while watching movies.  I began to swaddle myself, and this familiar scent captured my attention.  It smelled like my Granny! I was almost in tears. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy, so I called my sister, and before I could say anything she says, “I already smelled the quilt. It STILL  smells like Granny.”

This week marks 20 years since my Granny passed away.  I would say that the quilt can be viewed as my new security blanket.  You know it’s funny; God has a way of sending a wave of comfort when you least expect it.

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  1. Millie Williams
    April 13, 2016

    So sweet I did almost tear up .

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