Delays…My perfectly wrapped blessing

I was traveling last week for the project and a very special wedding (#ArtisPartyof2). I promise flight delays are just apart of the routine in this season of the journey.

So, there I was at the conclusion of the trip. Returned the rental car and planned to fly standby. That didn’t work. All the flights were booked or delayed. So, there I was, sitting in the airport from 12:30 pm until 8:30 pm and then a layover and finally arriving to my destination at 1:30 am. You guessed it, over 12 hours of traveling. Then a shuttle bus from the airport, detained in the parking lot, and finally arriving home at 3:00 am. Oh, I went to work 6 hours later too. As I type this story all I can do is giggle. I really need to do a one-woman show.

I said all that to say this. You have no idea about the behind the scenes events of this project but there was a true blessing in disguise that came with all the waiting I did. I was able to write some stories, edit and just reflect on my goals and my amazing weekend. I was reminded to just chill and enjoy the journey.

 As my friend Dee says, “things happen the way they should.”

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