Superman’s Cape

Part 2  Paw Paw, Michigan
Part 2
Paw Paw, Michigan

When it comes to daddy responsibility and decisions comes to mind. Our daddy spent all of our lives teaching us the importance of responsibility and making wise decisions.

Whether it was with finances, or instilling in us the importance of your name. You never let your name beat you home. You’re not better than anybody, but you have a responsibility of who you are. You stand in your greatness because you’ve been chosen.

I (Sheletha; right) was living in Greensboro, North Carolina when daddy passed away. I am the youngest, and daddy was always my superman. I would say with daddy’s illness the hardest part was realizing that our superman was losing his superpowers. 

It was a snowstorm, and I (Sheray; left) was in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was going to try to make the 45 min. drive to check on him, the doctor notified me that he checked on my father, he was fine, and to not venture out in the weather.I decided to go outside and shovel my driveway, which takes about an hour. I come back inside and my phone was blowing up.
Within that hour, dad was gone.

I remember sitting down and being absolutely NUMB. I couldn’t think. What do we do now? Dad made a decision.
The Final 48 hours was all about making the best decisions for him.

He decided to make the best decision for himself.

He will always be our superman.

On that cold, blistery day, daddy decided to trade his superman cape in for a priceless gift that none of us could ever give him; wings.

Our connection to this house runs deep. The responsibility of loving one another until the very end, and deciding that only God’s grace and mercy can keep us. There is no other way to explain this journey of grief.

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