“Others have to go in order for us to grow.” #GriefTalkTuesday

When the head of the family passes away how does that affect the family dynamic?

Do we search for answers?

Why now? I still need them. God. Please answer my why!

“Others have to go in order for us to grow.”

As much as I didn’t want to receive that statement it has been true in my case. It still hurts, but EVERYDAY I manage to get out of bed, and take another step towards strength.

I found myself taking moments like these (still do) to just glance out into the fields, or even a large body of water for the next step from God. The answers in order to process the rest of my life, and especially how to structure this journey of the Final 48 Project.

My strength continues to come from the stories that are shared on this website. Today, I reflect on the two stories that were received from the participants in this photo.

How do we push through after your source of love and protection is gone?

All my love,



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