My Birthday Buddy…

“Birthdays was the worst days…Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay” Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy”

Okay I don’t know this feeling that Biggie Smalls is referring to, I just wanted to sound cool quoting him.

Every birthday growing up was special. I was born the day after my paternal grandmother.

She was my best friend. She would play all the board games with me that I received for Christmas (even though she mastered the art of cheating), and she would lockdown the big house to escort me to the local convenience store (3 doors down).

I was too young to understand her struggles with cancer, or even wise enough to know about remission.  I was under the impression that my granny had a cold, and the doctor was going to make her whole again. It was almost as if I believed that she had the ability to live forever.

My grandmother passed almost four months after her 75th birthday.  I was heartbroken, but honestly I feel that my father was never the same.  I was never the same.  Losing my grandmother left a void in my life that I still to this day am not able to describe.

I think about her often, but today the most.  A bond that I will always share with her.  Today I celebrate the legacy of my birthday buddy.

Anyone know the recipe for “grandma’s love?”

There’s nothing like it.



P.S. I’m always accepting gifts for my birthday, but the best gift of all is sowing into this project.  You can do so by clicking the “DONATE” button located at the bottom of every page. 🙂

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