I realized that can be a complete statement. When assisting a loved one with the journey of chemotherapy they can honestly get to the point where they say, “Enough.”

My body is tired. I don’t want the meds. I don’t want to live like this. Let me take this journey on my own.

I watched “This Is Us” on NBC last week (aired 1/10/17).

Do you watch that show? 

In one of the final scenes of the episode the father basically told his son, “Enough.”

I remember when my dad decided that it was enough. Were we angry, frustrated, and confused? Absolutely. We couldn’t understand why a person would deny treatments that were put in place to save his life. Right?  

My dad had already made the decision without us. 

“This is something you can’t fix.” 

It’s evident from this photo of him with the home nurse that he was over it! I can only imagine what was going through his mind at this moment. 

Even though it can be the hardest thing that we can ever do, we have to support our loved ones unconditionally when they have found peace with their “enough.”



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