On the Road AGAIN! (Part 1)

There were plenty of late nights, and early mornings on the road.  There were even times when I brought family members, and close friends along for the ride to capture the story of a journey with grief.  This first road trip could be compared to my own story; I was alone.  I spent the holiday with one of my closest friends, and the following day we began documenting her story.  It was an emotional twenty-four hours for everyone that was involved.

This picture is from my mini road trip from Houston to Dallas.  I had to return to work on Monday morning, and it was just me, the open road, and the clouds on that Sunday evening.  I reflected on the places that we visited, the people that I met that contributed to the story of the participant, and above all why I was doing this work.  Why were the stories so important to me?

Well, that’s when I realized it was bigger than me.  It was definitely about YOU.  The participant was willing to share a snapshot of their world in order to uplift, and inspire someone else with their story.  “If I could encourage one person then I am completely satisfied.”

I don’t think you understand the feeling that overcomes me when I complete a “Final 48 Photo Campaign” story.  After completing a story I constantly think about the tears that flowed, the laughter that followed, and the intimate conversations that only we could share in that moment.

I can remember being on the road thinking, “Lord, what am I doing? Will this project work? Am I going down the right path?  Will this help someone?”

For every ounce of doubt, God has replaced a cup of faith.  I know that this project will continue to inspire, and uplift us all.  I know that the next road trip for the Final 48 project will be EPIC.

There are moments when I am weak, especially when I am on the road by myself.  I continuously thank God for the strength to keep pressing forward, and the support from all of you. <3






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