On the Road Again (Part 2)

Leaving Alabama before the sun rises, on the road to Michigan.

My sister and I embark on chronicling the journey with grief, and enlisting the stories of people like you across the country to encourage, inspire, and pay it forward.

We laughed.

We cried.

We spent 20+ hours in the car this weekend.

Our original plan was to take a road trip to visit family during my sister’s spring break that begins on this Friday (March 31, 2017). The goal was to meet with family in Alabama, but due to the passing of a family member we decided to travel down south sooner.  Within the blink of an eye, the opportunity to visit with that family member was gone.

I’m still trying to process the feelings that came to the surface when I was surrounded by my family.  A family that two years ago we were unaware even existed.

At the completion of this trip I arrived at a place of mental peace, and a sense of new beginnings.  It was imperative that my sister and I was present to celebrate the life of our family member, and make the connection for our genealogy/family history.

I realized that when you are working on a documentary that the story or direction can change at any time.  You have to embrace those moments when things don’t work as you previously planned, and go with the flow.

The last two weeks has taught me to stop WAITING.  My cousin grabbed my hand at the repast (family dinner after leaving the cemetery), and told me that we have to do better with keeping in touch.  He’s right.  The only way to make long-lasting memories is through connection.

Above all we left Alabama with some memories we will never forget. ❤

Next week, I’ll provide footage of our road trip, and what it was like to meet my extended family for the first time.

Have your tissue ready! 😉






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