Don’t Force…Just Flow


No matter how many stories I collect for this project I try to prepare for the emotions that will overflow from our encounter.

My time with a participant is full of intimate moments that I will never forget.  At the beginning of every conversation with the participant I say:

“This is a conversation, not an interview I want this to flow.”

I find that when I try to force the envelope with various things it never works out, especially this project.

Everything will work out in God’s timing.  There is a huge difference between force and flow.

During my journey with grief I would say that I have grasped the concept of going with the flow.  I can’t force myself to cry, to eat, or even interact with others.

I find myself on the road again this week.  I’m disconnecting from all social media, because I’m choosing to go with the flow, and not force anything.  Are you with me?

Take a few deep breaths, and just flow.  Don’t let anyone force you to abandon your feelings.

They are valid.



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