Protect the Pics! You’ll need them some day… Sincerely, The Fave Archivist

How often do you sit with your elders, and go through old photographs at their homes?

Listen.  I live for it.

Every family has at least one person that possess the best pictures, and knows the family’s history like the back of their hand.  They may not even be idenitified as the family historian, but you just know because it’s so natural for that person.  There is a family historian in every generation, and no I would have never thought that I would’ve been the historian of my family, but I think my parents did.


I’ve ALWAYS loved pictures, and the stories behind a picture (hence the photography campaign, smile).

My mom was cleaning out the basement, and decided to pass all of the photos that she found on to me.  She began telling me the stories of when and where some of the pictures were taken.  Meeting Michael Jackson at Disneyland, and the fact that my mother still owns the shirt in the photo.  It was my granny’s first time on a plane.  The family was heading to visit family (my granny’s siblings) in California before my debut to the world.

Michael Jackson (red hat)
My mom holding my sister with her back to the camera. Disneyland.

From an archives standpoint I spend most of my time educating others on how to preserve memories such as these.  I’m so grateful that my mom has decided to hand off these priceless photos for me to preserve for our future generation.  But.  As for right now I’m able to help paint the picture of how this story will continue to unfold.  One old photo at a time…



Taste testing for Granny <3

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