Lessons learned from my first FATHERLESS, Father’s Day <3

This year I will be spending my Father’s Day a little different, and you’ll see exactly what I mean by that next week. <3

It will be my fourth Father’s Day without my dad, and all I could think about was the strength that God has provided me within this journey of grief.

I can remember the first three months after my father’s passing I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I neglected my purpose, and had no passion for happiness beyond the four walls of my sister’s house.

I learned that I had to live for myself, and continue to celebrate the legacy of my father.

This year I decided to write a letter stating why my father was enough, and a picture of my first Father’s day without him;

Dear Dad,

I know this day comes only once a year, but have I ever told you that your presence was enough?

The days that you worked a twelve hour shift, and then came to one of our games in the evening.  You were there to support beyond winning the game, you were supporting our ability to work with a team to achieve a goal.

Have I ever told you that it’s okay to be emotional? Those moments when you hid your face in the towel because you simply wanted to throw it in, but instead you found a reason to keep encouraging us.

Or, the time that you shared all of those priceless nuggets with my friends, and 10+ years later they’re saying, “you know your dad said that Miles is Maintenance.”

The time that you didn’t want me to move thirteen hours away by myself because you believed I wasn’t ready.  Well, I wasn’t, but I was determined to prove you wrong.  I even became a pro at it.

Thank you.  You were enough.  Your presence in my life is the reason why I’m still standing, and your absence is the driving force of my ambition.  

I am confident that you left a blueprint for us to follow, and I am #SteeleThankful for that!

You are missed.  

Getting stronger every day,



Father’s Day 2013
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