Choosing to celebrate the LIFE instead of mourning the death…

When nationally celebrated holidays are approaching there is a sense of anxiety that can possibly set in especially after losing a loved one. 

I spent the last week in Miami, Florida USA, working with the American Black Film Festival, but anticipated the brunch that I would be attending on Sunday. 

The Father’s Day holidays that rolled around after the passing of my dad was unbearable at times. I wouldn’t attend church, and honestly I would just EAT some of his favorite things. In my opinion looking back it was extremely unhealthy. 

This year one of my friend’s from undergrad decided to host a brunch with two of her closest friends. The 3D Brunch – Daughters of Deceased Dads was an amazing morning with women that could identify with the same loss as my sister and I. 

My sister and I at the 3D Brunch Father’s Day 2K17
My selfie with the host/founders of the 3D Brunch Nikita, Myself (RJ), Trenity (undergrad friend), and Janelle

Last week I stated that I was going to this Father’s Day differently, and I meant that. I want to continue to honor the legacy of my father, and press towards the mark of delivering content for you to be encouraged. 

My advice for getting through those anniversaries or holidays is to surround yourself with love when those moments create the emotions of sorrow. Above all, continue to take it one day at a time. <3



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