Untold Stories: The Reason Why Some Stories Are Incomplete

Photography Love Letter
Houston, Texas
November 2014

The featured picture was taken November 28, 2014.  The first story that I decided to document, and the first person that I discussed this project with.  She’s one of my closest friends from Texas, and she’s frickin phenomenal.

I began the journey of documenting stories with an iPad because at the time that was all I could afford to shoot with.  I’m sure some of you are saying well what about your iPhone? Nope, I didn’t want to use that either.  I didn’t want my limited resources to stop me from telling the stories that others truly needed to hear.

Oh, but it did.

I allowed the poor quality of my photos override the real reason why I was doing all of this…


I failed.  I was too fixated on the fact that you can’t see my friend’s beautiful face, or the journey that we went on together documenting her story.

You know what though, this picture allows me to focus on how far the project has grown.  We have a lot more work to do, and many more stories to tell. But this…this right here reminds me to stay humble and know that people were rooting for me from the VERY BEGINNING.

Your generous messages have allowed me to keep plugging away, and I’m forever grateful.  There are more stories similar to my friend’s that I will revisit, and dedicated to delivering their beautiful stories to the masses.

Thank you for your continuous support in making sure these stories will never be untold again.

If you feel led be sure to sew into the project by clicking the donation button located at the end of every story/post.  Your contribution goes toward collecting the stories, and maintaining the website. <3




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