Time flies…Or no?!

Time flies when you’re having fun.

What about when you’re grieving?

It seems as though the days are never ending, and the sky is constantly gloomy.

Especially if you’re sitting in the basement of your sister’s house, and slowly trying to piece your life back together. I decided to peak out of my shell one day, and realized it had been three months since my father’s death. What was I going to do with the rest of my life. I let three months fly by without a trace.

Crawling out of the pit of depression…

I’ve been asked plenty of times how did I rise from the pit of despair. Well, grief counseling was very helpful. It was one of the key factors for my turn around. But. Seriously. It was almost as if God was saying ENOUGH during a dream one night. I heard my father say clear as day, “let go.”

Let go of the hurt…for being away during most of his illness.

Let go of the attachment…to physical things

I know for sure that we never exit the journey of grief after losing someone so special to us, but what do we do with those emotions?

I knew without a shadow of the doubt the best way to channel my grief was to start this project. It was extremely therapeutic to talk to people that looked like me, and hear how they made it through or managed to cope with the journey of grief.

Every journey is different, and I never expect to hear the same story.  Which is the most beautiful part about this multimedia project.

Time never stops, the journey keeps going, so we have to control it before it controls us.

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