“This Is Your Year” – Continuing the Mission of discussing Grief in our community and BEYOND!

When I won a “This Is Your Year” planner last year from an event of one of my closest friends, I never could have imagined the year that I have had thus far.

Heading into the fourth quarter of 2017, I can’t help but to recap:

  1. Quarter 1 – I met family that I had no idea even existed.  
  2. Quarter 2 –  I embarked on a journey of working with a well known Film Festival.  
  3. Quarter 3 –  My sister and I traveled to California to reconnect with family after over twenty years.  
  4. Quarter 4 –  I will be apart of three public speaking engagements that will highlight this very project that has allowed me to reach so many people discussing the journey of grief.

I began this journey similar to the way I approached school and my community.  I must research the history of the product or culture, and how can I make it better?

I’m dedicating the first week of the final quarter of the year to plotting my logline, reading “Passed On,” and working towards completing the program through the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Oh, Oh, Oh and launching another outlet for this project. <3

I understand that with forward motion there will be resistance too.  I can’t worry about that. Anything that I’ve really wanted I continued to press on.  

Documenting the journey of grief is far from over.  So, yes, indeed, this is my year, and next year will be even better.

Thank you for your continuous support, love, and donations.


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