Some days you have no words…

There are days when I have no words. None. There were weeks when I couldn’t fill in the blank of Grief Talk Tuesday.

Then I realized maybe you don’t always want to hear about the behind the scenes of the documentary, how I made it through, or a different topic in the journey.

That’s why this week I want to introduce the next media outlet for #GriefTalkTuesday

Our podcast!

A podcast that will debut on Tuesday’s in addition to the Photography love letters that you enjoy reading, but there will be audio as well.  The show is premiere in the month of November, and I want you to be able to identify with some of the stories through the voices of some of our participants.  I will continue to bring you “behind the scenes” of the documentary, but while I’m finishing up the program at Duke I wanted to be able to share another outlet that I’ve been working on.

The journey is far from over.



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