Don’t forget the NEHI Pop!

Lem's Bar-B-Q - 75th St. Chicago, Illinois
Lem’s Bar-B-Q – 75th St.
Chicago, Illinois

I often sit and reflect with my siblings; my older brother, younger sister and brother. We just talk about the times that my dad had a couple of jobs, ALWAYS KEPT A JOB! He would come home at 3 o’clock in the morning, and wake us up. It could be a school night, or it could be on the weekend. He would always have BBQ from Lem’s in Chicago, IL. He would say, “GET UP! GET UP! I want you to EAT!”

He would bring home chicken wings, rib tips and fries. He would always make sure he had a “NEHI“ pop for us to drink, grape or orange. He made sure that we ate. Sometimes we weren’t even hungry but spending that time with my father, just reflecting on times spent with my family, and my dad being in the picture is amazing to me.

Photographer: Pierre Henderson II

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